Saturday 23 March 2024

Estate Sale of the Artist Richard (Dick) Matson

Estate sales are not something I am familiar with in Ireland.  Although, the second I typed that out I thought about farmers in the country in Ireland - when they die, I guess the auctioneer comes out to the farm and sells off all the machinery in the farm yard.
Anyway, my point is, that I find Estate Sales funny - there seems to be one every two weeks here in Key West.  One day you are alive/dying - aren't we all :( And then, you are gone, and all your kitchenware, clothes, linens, home furniture, paintings, literally all your house contents/life accruals are laid out in your house and sold.  All in one day.  
One day you are there, the next you are not :(

Even before I started going to the odd estate sale I have been a big believer in Swedish Death Cleaning and the older I get, I continue to be more so.

Today I went to the estate sale of Richard (Dick) Matson RIP.

I bought this wonderful little sauce pot - Danish - Danske Designs for the princely sum of $1.  I think I got a bargain: on ebay these range between $25-75

And this! Which was not a bargain lol. It was $4 and it is just Timex.  But I like! It's classic looking.  I have ordered some new straps on it from Amazon and I will wear it with joy every day.  I do love a nice watch face like this.

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