Wednesday 2 January 2013

Detox Day 1

Well today is Day 1 of my New Year diet and I am feeling good! 
Of course I am, it's only day 1. 
Come back to me in a week and see how I am feeling!
For breakfast I had porridge in work.
This is low fat Tomato & Basil soup - 50 calories per serving.  It was a small serving but a very nice thick soup.  I then had some chicken breast - 75 calories. 
So all in all, a 125 calorie which is ridiculously low. 
I don't think I will be able (or should) keep that up - I am sure it is not healthy.

I came home and looked in the fridge.  I swear for a second I completely forgot I was on a diet.  In my head I was like "yesssss, I'll have that".

And then I remembered I was on a diet so I had this instead :-(
Two poached eggs, one slice of toast, salt & big load of pepper.
I am going to bed now before I am tempted to eat more.
Tomorrow I am going to plan my exercise schedule.

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