Thursday 17 January 2013

Newborn Screening Programme in Ireland

I saw an ad in the Metro this morning which I thought was interesting.
When babies are born in Ireland a test known as the Heel Prick Test is carried out soon after their birth.  This enables doctors to diagnose or rule out 6 conditions - and enables doctors to give treatment early if required.
In order to comply with European regulation the Irish health board is going to dispose of the cards of these tests taken from 1984-2002. If you are a person born during that period, or a parent of a child during that period you can request the test to be sent to you rather be destroyed.
I really like that idea!  Imagine having a part of you from when you were literally a day or two old. 
My younger sisters were born in 1989 so this refers to them. 
I immediately texted Katie to tell her about it. 
I wonder will she be claim her test.  I will let you know - maybe I can even post a picture of it if she does claim it back.
Here is the ad that was in the Metro this morning.

And for more info see the website set up here.

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