Tuesday 1 January 2013

TV Heaven - Recycling: where all good TV's go

As you know I bought a new tv (which is FANTASTIC!!) a couple of days ago. 
The old tv has been languishing in the kitchen - i was going to take it to our local Recycling Centre in Coolmine.

I had planned on going to Ikea today so I was browsing their website to see if there was anything interesting on offer.  No real items of interest except that I noticed they do recycling.  For free - i would have had to pay €8/9 to bring the tv to Coolmine.

Aww it was kind of pitiful seeing the old tv go off on it's final journey!

In the lift, which is "wrapped" in a poster to look like you are in a kitchen.

Aww poor lonely tv. 

From here, it will be taken to a recycling plant and stripped apart.  Better than landfill I guess. 
Good job Ikea taking recycling :-)


  1. When you buy a new electrical product you pay a WEE charge included in the price. This pays for recollection and recycling by companies like Ikea!

    Good job on getting rid of it and getting a visit to Ikea too!!

  2. I did not know that! Every day is a school day :-)