Tuesday 17 March 2015

St Patricks Day parade 2015

Enid and I were lucky enough to get to take part in the St Patrick's day parade in Dublin today.  My very clever sister saw on facebook that the Dublin Cycling Campaign were looking for cyclists so she quickly signed us up.
Here we are before the parade with our bikes decorated and our flower pot headpieces on our head.  The dress code was blue to match the Dublin Bikes.

Some of our group before the parade

How happy do I look to be in the parade?!

There is Enid on the right of the pic.  She had Bones in his "doggyride" attached to the back of her bike.  You would not believe all the attention that little mutt got!
"awwwwww, look at the dog"

Here are some more pictures of our group along the parade route.
I think we looked like the parades of my childhood - where if you had a flag on your person or your float you were all set for the parade.  Very different from the "artiness" on display at the parade today.
I liked our "kitschness" or "old schoolnesss" in this respect :-)

There's Bones in his carrier

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