Saturday 7 March 2015

Trip to Abu Dhabi (and Dubai)

Back in January of this year I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of a project team that would be based in Abu Dhabi for two weeks.
It was an incredible experience from both a work and travel perspective and as you can see below I have lots of great photos which I would like to remember forever, and am long overdue posting/blogging about.

We stayed in the Courtyard by Mariott hotel, a newly opened hotel beside the Trade Centre in Abu Dhabi. Nice new modern decor and I could not say anything bad about the staff, they were excellent.  For a newly opened hotel it is obvious they invested a lot in the training of their staff.

As a work trip, but "reasonably hot", I had to plan a different work wardrobe compared to Ireland in January.  Here are some pics of clothes I wore to work, plus to evenings out.

The United Arab Emirates working week is Sunday to Thursday.
On Thursday, after work myself and a colleague hopped in a taxi and visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.  It was BREATHTAKING!  
In order for women to go inside and view it, you had to wear an abaya.  They rented them out to foreigners on production of ID. 

Here are some buildings and views in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (we were in Dubai for one day for meetings).
The building with the pink lights, at the top, is the hotel in Yas Island where the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is held.  The Grand Prix actually goes through the hotel at one point!!!
The views are taken from inside the buildings.  They were very tall - I think the views look like I took them from an airplane.

We partook in the famous expats tradition of Friday Brunch.  Because of the working week their Friday is equivalent of our Saturday.  A lot of hotels offer an all inclusive (including alcohol) high quality brunch.  
It was amazing!

The amazing buffet aside, I was very happy with all the other food I ate.  I really enjoy Eastern type food and one of the best places we ate in was in the souk beside us - a Lebanese or Turkish type of casual restaurant.  This was recommended to us by my friend Rory who lives in Abu Dhabi, hi Rory if you are reading this!  I met up with Rory twice which was really nice.  I wish I took some photos :-(

Finally here are some photos from the area I stayed in. The bottom left photograph is of the souk which we walked through every day to get to our office.  The two big buildings to the right of that are the World Trade Centre.  And the pic above that is the view from my hotel room at night.


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