Tuesday 24 March 2015

Babyliss Big Hair

Over the weekend when I stayed in Enid's I used her Babyliss Big Hair.  I found it fantastic! 

I actually have one myself which I brought about two years ago and used literally once.  The difference I think is the length of my hair now.  It is mid length now compared to the LONG that it used to be.

So when I went home I went on a big search for my Big Hair.  I had intended giving it away when I never used it two years ago, and I was afraid that I had done so and I wouldn't be able to find it.  
Luckily I found it buried at the bottom of  wardrobe.

The secret behind the Babyliss is this big brush head which rotates, while hot hair blows out of it - this is what creates both the big hair/body, plus gives your hair a lovely shine.

I am really happy I have found this.  If I hadn't found it I was going to buy one this weekend which would be a crime considering I had never used this one - they are not cheap at approx. €55.  But worth every penny!


  1. I love my Babyliss! It make your hair so shiny!

    1. and Enid uses it as a microphone when she sings to Lady Gaga. It's true ! I witnessed it in a video.