Saturday 11 April 2015

Shopping trip - work clothes

My work wardrobe is looking really poor lately so I enlisted Katie and Enid to help me this morning.  I am a person who does not necessarily like shopping - I am very much a "needs must" type of person.  To be honest I tend to do a lot of my shopping when I am on holidays in America to last me the year.

It was a successful trip anyway. Soooooo a rundown of what I got.

A cute little blue and white stripey seersucker jacket.
A white top to wear underneath.
Trousers and shoes are from my wardrobe

Same jacket with a new navy and white top underneath

Light blue flowery top. Jacket and trousers my own

Black and white animal print (small print) top

Cream top.

Jacket and dress combo

You likey? :-)