Saturday 4 April 2015

Busy day!

Today was a GOOD day!  
I got a lot of (dirty) old chores done and a few new ones done too.  Plus also I had a nice catch up with some family.

The day didn't start out well, I had a bad nights sleep and then woke up very early. I had arranged to meet Kasey (cousin) and Enid for coffee at 10am in the towncentre and being completely honest I wasn't feeling great setting off.  But it was a lovely day and it soon felt good to be up and out.

On my way over to the towncentre Katie (little sister) texted to say she was there also so she said she'd meet us as well.  We had a nice coffee and then went into a few nice shops: Waltons where we looked at all their great musical instruments (Katie is looking for a new keyboard), Home Store and More (I bought Kate a Vanilla Lime yankee candle - that's my favourite; it reminds me of Key West) and then Harry Corry where I bought two blackout  blinds.

I also bought some baking soda and salt to tackle my icky shower drain.  See below (it ain't pretty)

First I did my usual removal of the hair gunge from the shower.  Where does it all come from???

Then I poured the baking soda down the drain, and the salt down on top of it.  I then emptied a kettle of boiling water and it satisfyingly bubbled away.  I then ran the shower for about 5 minutes to clear it all out.

Bit of a difference I think you will agree.

Sparkling clean!

Also today I  also installed two blinds in the bedrooms.


  1. Seemingly bread soda and vinegar is the best cleaner for drains???

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very original. Keep in touch.

  3. You ask where it all comes from. Don't let Enid shower at your house anymore.