Sunday 10 May 2015

Take That, so good we came twice

I apologise in advance to my regular readers.  There is a small part of this blog that could be taken as very slightly blue (but funny lol) so look away now if you are adverse to that type of thing.  I am blaming my bold friend Alice :-)  
Friday night was a big night for Enid, Alice and I as we had tickets to Take That in the Point Depot,  (Yes I know it's called the 3Arena now, but I'm old school and to me it will always be The Point!)

Our seats for the show were "so so".  They were good because we had no one sitting behind us so we could dance away without worrying about bothering anyone else.

And they were good for seeing the whole stage and the theatrics and the production which the two pics below show.

They weren't however great for seeing the guys faces.  We really could just see little people moving around and from our seating position we couldn't even see the screens.  But as I said it was great for seeing the whole production so we did get really into it and enjoyed the vibe.

So, most importantly, how were Take That?  They were amazing, amazing, AMAZING!  Considering they have recently lost Jason and are now only a three piece it really does not make a difference, they are just fantastic.  
We danced and bounced and sang and screamed our little hearts out. Boy did we scream! It's funny but whenever I am at a TT gig I am reminded of the old RTE archive footage of The Beatles arriving into Dublin Airport and then playing their one Dublin concert in The Adelphi cinema.  I've said it before but I'll say it again I truly believe that Take That are The Beatles of our era.  I believe that their songs (some of which have lasted 25 years already) will last as long as Lennon/McCartney songs.

They were so amazing that the second the concert was over we got straight on to Ticketmaster to see if we could get tickets for the Saturday night - we said we wanted Standing only as there was no point if everything was going to be the same for us as on the Friday.  On initial view it seemed there were only seated similar to our original available.  But then when I went in again I found some Standing.  Not sure but it seemed as if a batch were just released??  What luck! A few tense minutes while waiting for login and payment etc to go through but finally confirmed, phew!

So on the basis that we had been so lucky to get the tickets we wanted, we figured we should make the best of them and do something that we have never done before (even in my teens with Bon Jovi playing in the RDS), and heck, that we would go and queue outside of the venue.
Enid and I arrived at 3.30pm which we thought was very early for Doors Open at 6.30pm and were surprised to see people queueing already.

Here we are dressed for the weather sitting on our camping stools which we picked up in town on the way to The Point.

€1.49 in Dealz!  Bargain of the century.
Next time we are planning on bringing Penneys blankets and a full on picnic with a flask of coffee (plus whiskey to make Irish coffees) and will just leave it all outside the venue - we were not allowed bring the stools into the venue but for €1.49 who cares!!

While sitting outside we were joking saying we should be using the time to make banners.  Alice said she had already thought of a slogan for her banner "Take That, so good we came twice"
Enid and I were like, "Alice!!!!!!!! Do you know what you are saying??!!!!!"
Alice *innocent face*, "what?! whad???!!!!!"
Alice, "bold cheeky grin", "whad?!!!  C'mon it's funny!!!!!"
Lol, it is pretty funny. And clever :-)

So what was different about Saturday from Friday?

Well for a start....
...views like this.

And this.


We were so close that at one stage Howard pointed, and smiled, directly at Alice.

Again, they were totally AMAZING.   I am now completely obsessed with their new album songs - in particular These Days and Flaws.
I felt the crowd were better on Friday - they cheered loudly on more of a consistent basis over the whole night.   But once Saturday nights crowd got into it they went crazy, and as we Irish are wont to do (don't ask!!!!) launched into a round of Ole Ole, Ole while the band took a break before their encore.

Overall an incredible two nights.  Alice and I have decided that it's a simple must that you do the two nights, first seated and then standing.  I just hope, as Take That said themselves, that it won't be another 4 years before they are back in Dublin.

I leave you with a tweet from Howard which makes me think that he/they would have loved Alice's banner! Grrr a wasted opportunity.

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