Monday 4 May 2015

This weekend's shopping

I did way more shopping than usual this weekend.  I did so much shopping (for me) I worry I might actually be getting a shopping addiction.  Detox next weekend I think!

First up this adorable oven glove by Carolyn Donnelly.  
I really did need this.  I have two currently and they are both in sorry states.  
This one was €8 with 20% off so €6.40

I bought this fun bag in Penneys to put my shopping in, plus I will use it as a beach bag in Mexico.

Some bikinis for Mexico - very much needed

A cute sunglasses case from Penneys.  I think you can see by the oven glove and the sunglasses case how much I love a tropical pattern.  Reminds me of Florida.

L'Occcitane foot cream.  It's amazing.

A shirt for my dad's birthday.  Not his usual style but he will wear in in Key West.

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