Monday 11 May 2015

Make Gra the Law

Coming up in just over a week Ireland has a very big important referendum.  The Irish people will be voting on two items.  

One to reduce the age that you can become President at.  Currently it is age 35 but we will be voting if we want that reduced to age 21.  It's not getting much media coverage and I think it will not be passed and the age will be left at 35.
The second one is the big ticket item.  This is the vote as to whether to change the Irish constitution to allow two men or two women marry each other.  It's getting a lot of media coverage and generating huge social media conversation and debate.

Maybe I am naive but I am predicting it will be comfortably passed.  Anyone I've said that to (my sister and friends) disagree with me.  They think it will pass but it will be very tight.  I admit as the time gets nearer I am getting nervous about my prediction, and even more nervous about it being passed at all, today there was an article in the papers about the "Silent No" who it is estimated high in number. It is really scary out there the amount of people who simply don't believe in Equality.

I have not been out canvassing myself but I have been doing my best on social media.  Plus I have been wearing my Yes Equality badge on the train in and out of work every day and I am hopeful that people are seeing it.

Enid mentioned on facebook that she has spare badges if anyone would like some and a friend of ours in Key West said she'd love one.  Enid is sending some to her but I figured I would send some also.  They remind me of the One Human Family stickers which we bring back from Key West and give to friends.

I got a nice little selection of yes and ta badges, plus some stickers.

I also sent a little translation guide :-)
I suggested for the stickers that if they trim off "I'm voting" it will be more relevant as the vote is in Ireland only of course :-) I also suggested trimming off 2015 and they will last forever!

So there we go, it will be winging it's way in the post to a good friend tomorrow.

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