Sunday 18 October 2015

Walking tour of Georgian Dublin

 I recently partook in a wonderful walking tour of some Georgian houses in Dublin.  It was organised by someone in work who has a contact in the Irish Georgian Society - my company is a patron/sponsor of the society.
We met at hq of the society which is within a Georgian building on South William Street beside Powerscourt.
We were brought into a large octagonal room which they are in the process of restoring back to its original use of a gallery/exhibition space (an octagonal room makes great sense for this)
How fantastic is this light opening and large hanging lamp
South William Street/Powerscourt shopping centre which is built within an old Georgian building.  I am divided about a building like this serving as a shopping space, but it is done well (if you are going to do it) and better then it being pulled down I suppose.
Here is our little tour group.  Dublin is looking lovely in Autumn.
We are all holding little blue bags which were given to us by the Georgian society, containing a booklet about the society, a bottle of a water and a snack.
While we did not go as far as Henrietta and Dominick Street (we stayed South side) we were given some information on them.
I have seen fine examples over there which I would like to visit some day.  Here is an interesting video to watch in the meantime!
Most Georgian buildings are very large and grand, but (to my mind anyway) quite plain i.e. very flat (and beautiful!) on the outside. In particular compared to these two buildings:
It is hard not to be impressed by the grandeur of Iveagh House.  Formerly the Guinness family's city abode, and now the Department of  Foreign Affairs.
And Dublin Mansion House where the Lord Mayor can reside for his/her tenure (the current Lord Mayor does not live there as it happens). 
We saw many more beautiful buildings and I really enjoyed the tour.
I hope you enjoyed the snippets of photos and info about Georgian Dublin I have posted here. 
And I hope you come visit and see wonderful Dublin for yourself some day!

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