Saturday 3 October 2015

Briwax Beeswax

 Today I got up (relatively early considering I was out last night) and went to the library and then Starbucks.

I got a grande espresso con panna (double espresso with cream)

I stayed there for a good while and by the time I was leaving the traffic was pretty horrific with people coming into the Blanchardstown towncentre.  Thankfully I had just one thing to get in Woodies DIY which is on the outskirts of the towncentre so I didn't get too caught in it.

A long while back you might remember me writing about my beautiful new tv unit. It's with shame that I tell you I have not waxed it since then so today I went and bought the right product for the job.

The briwax on the left was €18 which I expected.  But the two cloths in a pack on the right was €7 which I thought was crazy expensive.  I know they are lint free but still...


1 comment:

  1. Better late than never Amy. Hard to tell from the photo but I'm sure it's done the job. Great stuff!