Saturday 17 October 2015

New chair! New chair!

Before Open House (see my earlier blog today) I encountered a "mews sale" up a laneway beside the Abbey Theatre.  I literally came across it - walking past the Abbey, I look up a lane and see a sign for a garage sale.  This is not something you see in the centre of Dublin city very often!!!  So it got me very interested!!
I talked to the man who was running the sale.  He used to own the big large Georgian house at the front of the mews - reared his family there.  He also owned an antique shop out on the quays beside the house.  But now he just owns the shed out the back :-)
I spotted a cool Singer machine inbuilt into it's own desk/carrier which I think my twin sister Enid will be interested in.
Only fifty quid!
And me?!  Me, I found the cutest wicker chair....
...which came home on the train with me.
I was not leaving that baby behind!
At the moment it is sitting in a corner of the kitchen.  But I see it in my bedroom when I do it up.
It needs a small amount of work/retouching.  I may paint it...I am still undecided.
Another pic of it.  
Any thoughts on it??!!!!! 

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