Wednesday 8 June 2016

Bike commute

Since I came back from my holidays I resolved I would do more cycling (just as I did over in Key West).  It has helped a lot that the weather has been so good - particularly on the day I took the photos below.
I dragged my bike out of the gamesroom and attempted to cycle into work - with the promise to myself that if I could not do it I could always hop on to the train along the way.  Miracle of miracles I made it in to work, and back home, and resolved to do it as many days as possible.  Since then I have cycled in every day except for Tuesdays when I have Roller Derby after work and have to get the Luas out to Walkinstown.
My route ranges from a lovely cycle on a meandering path along the Royal Canal.
To the thunderous noise of the motorway

To the busy streets of inner city Dublin
(not looking so busy in this picture I admit, but trust me it's busy - case in point: my mother keeps telling me to be careful on the bike, and she NEVER says be careful about anything lol!)
I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the cycle - from a physical and mental perspective.  I am going to keep going with it as long as I can - I am preparing for the weather to get worse and plan on buying waterproof trousers and jacket etc. 

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