Wednesday 8 June 2016

Roller Derby - new gear!

My adventure in Roller Derby continues and I am delighted to now have my own gear.  It's so much nicer just being in your own sweat...rather than that of people who have previously worn the borrowed gear lol.  Eeugh that sounds gross doesn't it, but it's true, roller derby is a serious workout!!!!
Check these babies out!!!!  I bought these via facebook sales page over in Key West for $10.  I spotted them (from my couch in Ireland!) when they were posted, and quickly messaged the seller, and then Enid who kindly hopped on her bike and picked them up for me.  They are far from the best Derby skates (they are really more plain roller skates) but they will do me for the moment until I really get into the sport.  New proper roller derby skates will cost me about €150 which is fine and I don't mind spending this - but only if I am serious about sticking with it!

I bought all my protection gear from a girl in my team who is taking some time off because of an injury. This gear (plus the helmet) would normally cost about €100 and I got it second hand for €30.  Again much happier paying for secondhand until I know I am serious about the sport - which by the way I think I am, I had an absolute ball/a mega session yesterday evening!
My gear is pictured above on a chair because it is currently drying out after a soaking in Dettol - which was advised to me by some derby veterans - you see I told you it's a work out and a half!!!

Here is a pic of me in my new skates, laughing hysterically because I nearly fell over just a split second before the photo was taken.

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