Thursday 16 June 2016

Street Party 2016

Last Sunday, in conjunction with National Street Feast day, my road held their first ever Street Party. 

 It was a simple concept which involved all - the plan being that we bring out a table and some chairs, and everyone brings some food.  I also brought out my gazebo, and ya neighbour from across the road helped put that together (thanks Tommy!).  Plus we decorated the gazebo with buntings and balloons - and a very attractive pink "sail" owned by a neighbour.  I think you will agree from the photos below that it certainly all looked great.

However, decorations are all very well, but a party is not a party without any guests so I waited with baited breath to see who would come along.  All our immediate neighbours came - with lovely food - check out those beautiful sandwiches below!  Also came neighbours who we didn't know, but know now and for the future!

It was a lovely afternoon, filled with lovely food, great chats and games of hopscotch :-) I have posted a flavour of photographs below - how great does it all look?!  For more photographs see Portersgate Street Party on facebook.

After the success of the day the next "neighbour event" is already in the planning!

Cute sign handmade by little girl across the road!

Very professional looking sandwiches!


View from the upstairs of my house.  Love that "sail" :-)

Selfie stick pic...

Harry was the only neighbourhood cat to join in the festivities...if you can call this joining in!!!!

Tea and Prosecco - a good party combo

The sun came out!

View from the upstairs of the corner house on my road

Let the games begin! 

Tiny - the dog that smiles!!!

The laydeez!


Sad ending to a great day:  That afternoon it was hard to justify posting these lovely pics on facebook while learning about and reading reports of the horrific Orlando shootings in the Pulse nightclub.  It was particularly sad seeing posts from my friend in Key West who live so close to Orlando and who felt it particularly bad.  Key West people are very special - summed up by their official motto of One Human Family.

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