Tuesday 2 August 2016

New digs...

Entrance hall / lobby area
Hallway of my apartment
(Storage and hot press on the right)
Ok and on into the living areas...be prepared...it's teeny tiny!
Living room
(with kitchen down the other end)
Kitchen area
The bar....very important!
I did mention this was important didn't I?!
The bedroom - you can't see the wardrobes on the right but they are quite big and roomy considering the size of the whole apartment
The "loo" :-)
Ok so when I saw this I just knew I had to have this place!!!!!
The view!!!!
My neighbours - the Irish Government
This is my view while sitting in bed drinking coffee of a Saturday morning!
It's lovely all lit up at night too
Ciaran told me to put cushions on the window sill and use it as a window seat.  It's great for looking at all the going ons on the street below!

Enid modelling a cup of coffee while listening to some records :-)

Early days but I think know I will be very happy here


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