Monday 19 June 2017

Clothes swap / fundraiser night / fun with family

For the last couple of years one of my aunts has hosted a really fun social night which also raises money for a good cause.  For the past couple of years the funds raised has gone to our local hospice St Francis's which does the most incredible work ever.  This year the charity chosen was Laura Lynn which is a hospice specifically for children.
A lot of work goes into the evening! 
This is the conservatory which is set up and decorated to look just like a real shop. Doesn't it look fantastic. We all pay €10 each and then you basically try on and get to take anything you like!

My aunt also runs a raffle to raise further funds. Every year she gets some has great prizes which are donated by the attendees  Amongst the prizes this year were some Jack Vettriano prints, a Coach handbag, a silk scarf, a beautiful painting done by one of the guests, and other nice items.  Tickets are priced at €2 each and most people buy €10 or €20 worth.

The lucky dip is a lot of fun. 
It costs €1 and you take a little wrapped parcel out...which tends to contain a novelty gift.  Again these are donated by the attendees.

My aunt does the best food! 
In the red pot is her famous chilli made with her special South African spices!

Oh this is fun!
Another way of raising money is that she holds an auction of old photos.  An envelope is held up that has three names on it (of people at the party).  The photo within may be of any one of them. Therefore all three want it - so they all bid against each other to buy the photo.  The bidding starts at 10c and the photo is sold for around €1/1.50.  There is always great craic and competition to "win" the auction!
I bought this photo of my mother (second from the left in the trousers and jumper)

And I bought this photo for Enid of her wedding!

The best thing about the night is of course the clothes.  How cool is this Pucci-esque dress that I got?!  Perfect for my holiday to Ibiza in September I think!

And I got this dress!
It's not something I'd normally choose to buy for myself but that is what is good about this night you tend to pick up something a bit different.
A lot of fun was had.  I tried on loads and loads of clothes/outfits and modelled them putting on funny accents to match each outfit to make people laugh.
And then the next day I got a text from my aunt announcing the good news that €550 had been raised!  She should be very proud of herself.  Like I said at the beginning of this post it's a lot of organisation - before, during and after (all clothes left over need to be brought to the charity shop!)

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