Thursday 29 June 2017

Ukulele Tuesday

My dad has been talking to Enid and I for a while now about the ukulele night in the Stag's Head and we had been promising him that we would all go.  So finally after a lot of chit chat we arranged to go Tuesday one week ago.

It was great!  But busy!!!  It had started at 8pm and by the time Enid and I arrived at quarter past it was completely packed.  My dad arrived later. He always does this!!! Saunters in... Not because he is a "late person" (that's me lol!) but just because he likes us to arrive and get the lay of the land and then he can just join in.

Then a couple of days later we met up with two friends of our visiting from the USA (bear with me, there is a ukulele connection here - kind of)

We met with them in the Hairy Lemon which we were all happy with - it was close to their hotel and the food was good.  I had the Guinness and beef pie which I thought was very flavoursome.  And Joe and Jean tried Dublin coddle for the first time!  Which they loved.  We had a good discussion about food - with a focus on Scottish haggis and Irish black (blood) & white pudding. They like that too
Joe & Jean have THE most adorable story of how they met - on an exchange program visit to Edinburgh when they were in their teens - so they have liked Scottish/Irish food ever since then.

Outside of the pub Jean took this photo of Enid and I with our bikes.  I love it.  I think in years to come, no matter where I am, I will always remember this period of my life living in town and breezing around on my bike - a lot of the time with Enid.  We have the best chats when on the bikes.

On Tuesday, before their flight home the next morning, I met with Jean and Joe again.  They had visited the Stags Head that afternoon and were considering the ukulele night (Jean likes to play a little) but when they saw how busy it was they said they'd give it a miss - on this visit!  So instead I met in then Library Bar in the Central Hotel where they were staying.  We had the loveliest chat that night and solved the worlds problems.  Ok so I exaggerate...but some of what we talked about certainly gave me food for thought and that's always a good thing. 
And we talked about fishing in Key West! That's always a fun to talk and think about.  I shall be doing that come November this year!

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