Wednesday 14 June 2017

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 I went to a calligraphy class!
I used to do (self taught) calligraphy about 20 years ago but it was a very strict and rigid Gothic style which I guess is a little old fashioned and definitely out of fashion now.  So I would like to try something different and develop a more modern freer style of writing.
I seemed to have the most ink on my hands out of all the students "yeah you might just be messy" said Sarah our lovely teacher. "Like me" she added - to make me feel better I think lol!

Here I am concentrating intently

Oh my gosh check this out!!!! My own fairy door for a fairy to come live with me! 
A wonderful friend gave me this lovely gift!

Although I do worry that I have ended up with a bold fairy.  This lad rocked up at the door on only the second night, the bowsie. 
The door is positioned below my bar.  I am wondering do I need to lock up the vodka.
Watch this space! 

This photo cracks me up!
The big sulky head on me at the Ireland v Austria World Cup Qualifier. 
I swear I actually was having a brilliant time and really enjoyed it all. EVEN when it started raining.

It's Pride week and my company is running some great Diversity & Inclusion events to celebrate.  It's culminating in the Pride parade where we/the company will #represent and march for the first time.  I've volunteered to marshal on the day for us and am very much looking forward to it.  This will be my fifth year taking part and last year I remember seeing Paypal and other companies and thinking why on earth we weren't marching.  Other years I have gone with my bike group, my roller derby gals and my wonderful Yes Equality canvass group, but this year will be a new and different experience for me taking part in a "corporate" group. We have a great day planned - meeting preparade for some facepainting and food :-)

I met Enid for a decaf coffee after work yesterday.  Oh I was so bold! On the bike on my way to meet her I passed Off Beat donuts.  And I don't know what got into me!  But I stopped the bike and bought us three for us to share.  My God they were luscious but I felt fierce guilty afterwards.  Particularly as I haven't been to the gym/spinning for a week or so now.  I really need to get back to that!

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