Sunday 16 July 2017

Bits and pieces

This photo popped up in my facebook memories yesterday.  And I know, I know, I am always saying "this is my favourite photo"  but come onnnn this absolutely have to be.  This is from 2012 when I arrived to my mams for Sunday dinner and there was Nana wearing a cardigan very similar to mine.  I am not sure what is the message here - is Nana dressing young?  Or was I dressing old?  Or do we meet somewhere in the middle?  Whatever!  It just has good memories.  We all laughed ALOT that day.
I looooved that cardigan I was wearing,  It was vintage Jaeger and had a bit of Chanel feel about it - which of course was similar to the twinset Jaeger style which Jaeger was originally famous for.  Anyway that cardigan is long gone, it is too big for me as I am smaller now...good that I am smaller, bad because I miss that cardi.

On Friday evening I met Cousin Kasey and Enid in The Garage Bar.  Kasey had messaged me earlier the week when I was at Once to see if I was around that night to meet.  As an alternative I said we could go for a drink that weekend.  For fun I said we should go to a dive bar and have a good old natter.  I think a dive bar has a different meaning here in  Dublin than elsewhere in the world.  We ended up in the Garage...there is a big long story about this pub from about 1995, involving Enid, Alice and I and some lecturers from a film course we attended that Summer but that will have to be saved for another day.  To be honest it's best told over a drink and in the Garage!

Last night I watched Brooklyn on Netflix. You might remember I went and saw it twice in the cinema when it came out.
Saoirse Ronan is just amazing in it. I remember after reading the book, when she was announced, thinking she was too young to play Eilis. But she's just completely perfect in it. She's such a talent.
And as for Colm ToibĂ­n. I love a lot of his books but this is my absolute favourite. I've seen him a couple of times out walking near Enid's house and I always want to stop him and tell him. I'm always too shy though...but after watching it again today maybe next time I will..
And yes I bawled through it again.

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