Saturday 1 July 2017

The rejuvenation of Dublin 1 continues...opening of Piper's Corner

The old Sean O'Casey pub on the corner of Marlborough Street and Sackville Place has been closed and derelict for the last 6 months or so.  To be completely honest even when it was open it was pretty decrepit and run down.  So it was exciting to see that it had been sold and the new owners had started the overhaul and now it is coming near to completion.

Just one week ago it looked like this

Whereas it now looks like this!  It's very interesting isn't it - a real standout - and I particularly like the type on the name sign.  It's a massive change and a welcome addition to an area that is going through a real rejuvenation. With Irish Life's big renovation of their plazas (which look amazing by the way), with the coming arrival of Wetherspoons on Abbey Street, and with the building opposite Piper's Corner apparently going to be a hotel things are definitely on the up!

So it seems that Piper's corner will be open in a week or so and I for one am looking forward to it. From the name I think you get the message that it will have a strong musical influence and with Sean Og Potts, son of The Chieftains Sean Potts involved no doubt it will be a success. As I said, I am looking forward to checking it out once open - and am sure a lot of my colleagues are too, as we are always lamenting the lack of a good "local" right beside us.

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