Saturday 1 July 2017

Exciting times

Stuff.  That is going on.
Enid moved job! 
She has left Fingal library services after 17 years and is moving to a new library in a different area. 

Before Enid starts the new job she is going on a holiday.  Which means Bones is going to his grandparents!  T'his is him being dropped over - that dog gets more like a baby every day.
There is a funny story about Bones and when he stayed/stays in Lyttle Holme (well a few stories actually).  So first one is that he is only recently back staying with Mam and Dad.  This is because of some bad behaviour a couple of Christmasses ago involving incidents of eating things he shouldn't have namely two cupcakes, a Christmas pudding AND a little small antique book.  Come on! Seriously Bones! A book?? Enid denies it but I was there and saw it all!
Anyway Enid was stuck for a minder a while back and Mam said she'd take him again.  And wait for this.  He now sleeps on the bed with the two of them, and gets gravy on his doggy biscuits.  She has him ruined! 
So good/exciting times for Enid.  I am excited for her.  I've lots of good stuff happening too :-)  So here is a happy excited kitten with a cute little face for both of us.
What's been going on in Merrion Street these days?
Today there was a large pro-life rally held on Merrion Square.  No doubt we will see lots of pro life and pro choice rallies from here until the proposed referendum happens next year.
These aren't great photos but it made me laugh when I saw this earlier this week

Three journalists standing outside Government buildings
The umbrellas aren't clear but they were from RTE, TV3 and FM104. 
It made me think of the end of Anchorman when the tv hosts arrive from all the different networks and channels, and at 7.30am in the morning it made me smile.


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