Sunday 29 July 2018


How about this for a coincidence!

This morning I met up with my mam.  As we walked towards Grafton Street she commented that her lipstick had ran out and she needed to get a new one.

We pottered around Grafton Street and went for something small to eat.  When we came out of the café we noticed a queue (not a huge one) wrapping around Brown Thomas.  I asked what people were queuing for and was told "free lipstick from Mac, it's National Lipstick Day."  Free lipstick! Have you ever heard the like of it?!  Plus don't forget what my mam had told me earlier on!

It was about 10.50am we stood in the queue. At 11am they opened the doors and we were inside in another queue by 11.05am.  We were given wristbands to wear which we would exchange at the till for our lipstick.

It was really great!  I thought we would all be just literally handed a lipstick e.g a classic red with no colour choice.  But instead there were 8 samples/colours to choose from!

Both mam and I liked the same shades - we liked "hot gossip" and "crème de la femme", with both of us going for Crème De La Femme in the end.  It was quick and easy, we were out of the store delighted with ourselves by 11.20am.

What a seriously great giveaway.  Thank you Mac and Brown Thomas!

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