Wednesday 23 December 2020

Miami to Key West

We were in Miami for a night and yesterday on our way home we made quite the day of it I must say!

Lunch was on the agenda first! Last year when we were in Key Largo for a mini vacation we had lunch in a lovely sushi place so we decided to stop there en route.  It was helpful because we were on a bit of a schedule with the rental car - we wanted to get it back by 3pm so that it was just rental for one 24 hour period - meaning that we knew where it was/where to park and that it was very nice so we didn't need to ponder over the menu too long.

Must have been the quickest decision what to order ever.  We opened the menus and Patrick said to me "are you thinking what I am".  "Yup", said I "lunch special for two $32".

Check this out!!!

A boat of sushi!!!! I've always wanted to eat from one of those!! (Crying laughing emoji face). And guess what, it was just fabulous!

From there we headed back down South, looking forward to getting back home and back "on the rock".  It's quite weird how just two years in Key West makes you quite the home bird. I never used to be like that...

We returned the car to the rental company - the 24 hour turnaround a success - and hopped on the bikes and cycled home.  

A little bit of relaxing at home, including a quick dip in the pool, and we were back on the road headed downtown.  Our destination was Vino's where we were planning on getting a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and a cheese and charcuterie sharing plate. But tragedy :( they had ran out of bottles.  

All was not lost. We had a couple of glasses of wine (prosecco, and shared a malbec and burgundy) and the lovely cheese plate (spanish), sausage and bread.

Aaaaaaaand then.  I hit on the brainwave of trying out somewhere we had never been before.  Patrick needed a tiny bit of persuasion.  He is a creature of habit sometimes :)

Berlins! Ssshhh. It's a speakeasy.  And in no time at all there we were, speaking easy, eating oysters rockefella and drinking fancy cocktails. In Key West pretending we were in 1940's Chicago.  Yeah we're silly, I know.

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