Sunday 13 December 2020

Sugarloaf Lodge

 We got off the rock for a little getaway, which I admit does pose the question do you really need to take a vacation from an island where people go to vacation?  Probably not I say, and in fact we were dying to get home the next day, but that doesn't mean we had anything but a wonderful time.

We stayed at a quirky little hotel that I had my eye on.  Sugarloaf Lodge is located on Sugarloaf Key which is about 20 miles away from us.  Our room had a lovely view of the ocean and was warm...but yes, quirky, read old and dodgy lol. Just the way I like 'em lol! Clean though! MUST be clean!!

We ate that night in Mangrove Mamas and it was really really good. Great atmosphere - although we stayed in a dining room separate to the bar, that was just us within it, to stay safe - we could hear the vibe though and it felt good.  And wonderful food! I had Shrimp Coquille St Jacques and I just loved it.  Patrick got paella with a Cuban vibe which he too loved.

The next morning we drove home, stopping at Baby's Coffee on the way. 


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