Sunday 31 January 2021

Return to sender

I saw these cute little straws in Half Shell Bar and bought a couple to send to my sisters and friend back in Ireland, and Spain and The Netherlands.  

They all know Half Shell well so I know they will like them.

They also are good for posting home, because they were not expensive.  And postage is expensive, particularly packages!!!.  What I am going to do is pop one in an envelope and put an international stamp on it ($1.20), i.e. post it as a letter versus a parcel...if it makes it, it makes it, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

Coincidentally each straw was $1 each.  I was shopping for a reusable straw, and saw these fancy ones - in packs of two for $9.  And then, the girl behind the counter noted to me that she had some "old stock" left at a dollar each.  There were 9 of them! So for the price of two, I bought all nine :) 

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