Monday 25 January 2021

Today - What I did

 God, I was busy today.  This was my morning

- Doctors Appointment, nothing major, just my regular check up

- Bank visit to discuss interest rates to see if we can make our money work more

- Visited the Driver License's office and attempted to renew my Florida ID or get a Florida driving license.  Long story short, I couldn't do either and it looks like I need to do a computer test and driving test to transfer my Irish license to a US one.

TJ Maxx - bought a ton of new Pretties.  Ahahahahahahahah.  Are you thinking, what the heck are you on about Amy?  Article here.

- Post Office.  Posted a parcel to Ireland for Alice and a parcel to Enid in Spain.

- Ross: checked if Ross got any new shoes in.  I need a new pair for work.  Nada.

- Dennys. Monday: it's got to be pancakes and New Yorker time

- Went online to renew my fishing licence but the issue with my drivers impinged on this.  So next Monday my priority is getting the ID/licence situation sorted

I think that is it!

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