Monday 25 January 2021

Shed clean up number ???

 I can't believe I am writing this but I cleaned up (out?) our shed again.  How many times is this now??  Five??  How does it keep getting cluttered up?

Anyway!  I have to say it is looking great now and I am really delighted!

There is one more clear out/clean up due:  we are planning on booking the refuse company (or is the city?) to come in February or so to remove a load of rubbish we have been cleaning up and collecting for a while - old wood/broken garden furniture from the previous owner/our old rusted barbecue etc etc.  I am going to go through the shed at this point and check all the products and paints on the shelves and throw out anything dead or that we won't use.  My goal is actually to maybe even get rid of one of those shelves. The less in the shed the better! 

Part of the clean up was parting ways with something that gave me great sadness... From the previous owner; these really cool old metal table top and leaves.  Really, really heavy! Maybe 1950's I think?  So, I've had them a year and have done nothing with them.  Six months ago, I made a pledge with myself....that if I had not used them in a project then they were going out.  Well that day came :( 

I put an ad up on Key West Yard Sale on facebook that they were free to take away and, 30 minutes later, they were gone. To a good home am sure.

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