Tuesday 9 February 2021

Share Wesley House love

How cute is this!! 

Patrick texted me telling me there was a heart in our garden, and when I came home I saw THIS!

Really clever... It is a fundraiser for Wesley House.  Someone went online and ordered it and then WH came out and delivered it. 

But who was that someone?!!  I immediately went to facebook and posted a pic asking "who did this?!!"  

After a few cryptic messages I figured that it was Enid!!!  Thank you Enid!  Love it, and love that you supported Wesley House all the way from Spain.

She later told me that it was so easy.  She went online at 5pm Spanish time, noon in KW, and that very same day it was delivered to our little blue house.  Cute little message on the back of it telling all about it and the hashtag #sharewhlove where you can search to see other houses decorated with hearts. 

I love Key West :) And ingenuity.  Normally, every year, Wesley House hosts a big Valentine's dance.  Obviously, they can't do it with covid so this was their idea to replace that.

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