Monday 15 February 2021

Stone crab socialiser

 Lately, going out and checking the crab traps has been even more fun then ever.  You might remember my last blog about the monster claws we got - and that was the best day yet.  

Well today, while we didn't get any more monsters we killed it on sheer quantity - 9!  And imagine, that could have been doubled if we had taken the two claws (as you are allowed to).

So! Very exciting.  We have friends coming over for drinks and appetizers next Sunday and guess what! We are going to do stone crabs. Going to keep it simple.  Plus also, we have explicitly said apps (not dinner), so there will be stone crabs, devilled eggs and crusty garlic bread.  And prosecco.  Eh, voila!

Excited to share our fishing haul and exploits with our friends.  Very much looking forward to it!

No clue what the context of the photo below is.  Found it in google images and it just made me laugh.  Lol!

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