Sunday 28 February 2021

Social distanced, safe socializing, Friday night gathering

 We were invited for dinner in a friend's house on Friday.  It emerged that friend's of theirs had smoked a big hunk of pork and wanted to share it, but their condo is very small. So it made sense, and was a win all round, to host in G&K's huge house instead!  If you remember, that is where the superbowl party was also held.

Check out all this lovely food!

Guess what this is?!
It's tequila watermelon!  I didn't try it.  Yes, I still don't eat fruit. (Goddamn me, and my picky eating slash supertaster genes).  Plus I am a wuss when it comes to tequila to be honest.

Mac and cheese in the making!!

Mac and cheese covered in bacon and panko breadcrumbs

Look at this! LOOK AT THIS!

The lovely host Katrina and our friend Scottie.

A lovely evening!  Thanks guys!

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  1. Nice red Le Creuset!

    Looks like a fab event.....that food!!!