Thursday 4 June 2020

Letter from Key West, June 4 2020

109,284 deaths in USA due to  Coronavirus
Funeral of George Floyd, RIP
Peaceful protests in multiple cities around the US

Key West is now OPEN.  An influx (but not a huge one) of tourists have arrived on the island.  The crowds are expected this weekend.
Today, the county (Munroe) took a vote and have decided that masks are not mandatory.  This is county only.  They are still mandatory in Key West.  I am pleased about the Key West decision.

I went over to our new dock in Key West Yacht Club this afternoon  and set up payment for the year.  We docked for the first month in the city dinghy docks down near Turtle Kraals.  It was "ok".  We are much happier with the new spot.

Also today:
I installed new windscreen wipers on the jeep
Replaced the rear brake light
Applied for refund of flights we won't be taking in July :(
Diy spot treatment of suspected termite activity (positive vibes it is not please!).

Phew! That is quite the list.  Time for a cocktail now.  We are going to go to Shanna Key for dinner - and Guinness for Patrick and Stoli for me.

Stay well friends. And positive.

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