Friday 9 April 2021

Israeli cous cous and general round up of news

I discovered a new food!  Israeli cous cous - which tastes very different to the (semolina) cous cous that I am used to.  It is is much bigger and more "chew" to it also.

Interesting factoid: it is not actually a cous cous and is technically actually a pasta.  The genesis of it is also interesting: in response to a rice shortage in Israel in the 1950's "pitim" - pasta in the shaped like pearl rice grains was developed.

I cooked it with garlic, red chili flakes in a chicken broth and it was quite nice indeed.  It may well become a staple of this household.

In other news:

I went to Starbucks today and I was like a complete culchie ordering and the man looked at me like I had two heads.  Combination of not having gone to Starbucks for a million years because I live in Key West (hello, Cuban Coffee Queen) and the pandemic.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh died today. 
This lead to a what's app discussion between Enid, Alice and I about Megan Markle's wedding dress compared to Beatrice (above) and Eugenie.  Eugenie being the winner and Megan coming in waaaaaaay last. (boringly conservative and ill fitting/unfinished looking).

I am delighted for my good friends in Dionne Warwick's band to see plans to tour again.  And they will be going to Dublin! Wonderful.

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