Monday, 19 April 2021

Reduce, reuse, recycle

 Remember I recently posted about the new food I discovered?  Israeli cous cous.  Which btw I texted Enid about, she had never heard of it either.

I bought it in GFS which I guess is like a wholesalers, and the bag it came in was BIG.  So this is the way I am storing them in my kitchen press now:

I have decided that I shall try buy more foods (rice/cereal/pastas) in bulk and store them like this too.

I also have started a little project with the current contents of my makeup bag.  A friend of mine mentioned something on facebook about makeup and one of her friends told her about "project pan". So I've decided.  I'm not buying a new makeup product until I've completely used up one I currently have.

That leads me to tell you about something else cool I saw on facebook.  A video from channel4 about a woman (Flora Blathwayt) who, during the pandemic, started litterpicking on beaches and the Thames river shore.  She cleans all the plastic she finds and upcycles it by using it to make greeting cards.  The cards are fine imo, it is the creativity of finding a reuse for them that really impresses me.  Go girl!

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