Wednesday 18 January 2023


 Well.  I've been saying it for years and I guess, finally, the world is listening.  Butter is AWESOME. And it appears to be having a moment on twitter - it is currently trending like nobody's business.

Not just any butter mind you.  Specifically, IRISH BUTTER.

When people ask me about Ireland, they also always say to me "rains a lot though doesn't it".  And when I hear this I say two things back to them:
1. Well, yes, but it is a very light rain, a constant drizzle if you will
2. And you know, all that rain, well that is why our grass is so green.  And then the cows eat that lovely green grass and that is why our dairy is so good. 
Dairy i.e. BUTTER!!!!

I just love about butter is that it is so natural, very unprocessed.  It is made of just two ingredients: cream and salt.  You take these two ingredients and you blend/beat/churn them until you get butter.  That's it! Oh and you also get buttermilk when you strain off the liquid around the butter.
Give yourself a treat this weekend! When you are doing your grocery shopping get yourself some pure Irish butter and then for Sunday morning breakfast/lunch have yourself either toast with butter or an english muffin with butter.  And some scrambled eggs with wild (Irish) smoked salmon to really make a meal of it. Heaven on a plate! Heck, why not have a Baileys coffee while you're at it!

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