Sunday 29 January 2023

Key West Jeep Adventures

We had a fun day of adventuring in the Jeep which is officially the best Key West Vehicle Ever.

Okay, so if you read my previous post you will know that Enid was over.  Well, there is nothing that Enid likes more on her last vacation day than going to a yard sale/estate sale before going to the airport for her flight.  On this basis, we got up nice and early and went for our Cuban Coffee and then hit an estate sale on the way home.
And that's where I saw THIS and instantly fell in love with it.  A simple enough, Keysey, rattan/cane/bamboo sofa ......with HAND PAINTED slip covers by the artist Sandford Birdsey.  Just so beautiful.  When I came back home I was telling Patrick all about it and he said to me "you really want it don't you".  I said I really did like it, but I would want him to like it too.  So the two of us jumped into the car and zipped down.  He liked it as well! Woohoo.  We loaded it in to the jeep and away we went.  So happy!

Back home we put our old couch out on the curb and I put free alerts on facebook etc.  It was still there today so I was getting worried that it might not go....but Patrick has JUST texted me to say it is gone so I am thrilled to hear that.

After dropping Enid to the airport we drove out to Mama's Garden Center where we bought this 18 ft MacArthur Palm for our back yard.  It's really tall!!!!  Look at the trunk I am holding to see the height!

Driving home through Key West, Patrick said to me that all these cute girls were smiling at him as he drove past.  Ehh, maybe because you look like a crazy looper with this big yoke hanging out of your jeep???

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