Saturday 14 January 2023

Cold, windy weather

There is a small craft weather advisory in place so we won't be going out on the boat this weekend.  Add to that that it is cold and windy, it would be quite miserable out there anyway.  We did nip out at 7am earlier this week to check the crab traps and got a nice little haul of 5 good size ones (one a monster!) so good to have got that done.

So, we have had to arrange other activities for this weekend in place of boating and fishing.  Last night we went to the Tropic Cinema to see a nice little double feature of two 1970s films:  Tarpon and The Key West Picture Show.  Tarpon was lovely and atmospheric with great music (composed by Jimmy Buffett).  It didn't want me to take up Tarpon fishing but it did get me excited to go trolling again and catch a big mahi mahi or Spanish Mackeral or Tuna etc!  The KW Picture Show was as lovely as ever aside from crazy lady behind us with big attention seeking phony laugh....laughing constantly, really loud, at parts that were not funny included.  Lovely.  Lol.  Ah well.

Oh! I should mention, before the movie we went for dinner (ramen) in the newly opened Koijin on Eaton Street. It was excellent! Dinner and a movie. Check us out #grownups 

And today and tomorrow we have the Key West Seafood Festival.  Held in Bayview Park, really near us, it is one of our favourites.  We are going to have our neighbours over at about 5pm for an appetizer of stone crab claws and then walk over to the park.  We will then have dinner there and check out the stalls and the bands playing.  Tomorrow we will probably potter back for lunch,

Monday is MLK day so Patrick is off.  Hopefully we will get out for a spot of fishing in the morning on that day if the weather is better behaved,.

Have a great weekend friends!

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