Monday, 1 May 2023

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

I took myself off for some Popcorn and Chocolate and to see Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret at the Tropic Movie Theatre.  You may or may not know that Judy Blume was a founder/owns the Tropic??

It is such a wonderful film.  To my mind, it just could not be better.  Rachel McAdam is just wonderful. Abby Ryder Fortson is superb.  I have never seen a better interpretation of a book. It is simply a piece of joy!


For posterity:
Sorry about the bad pic.  This is from the SECOND time that I have been lucky enough to meet and talk to Judy Blume.  She was SO INTERESTED in what I told her about what was going on in Ireland at that point in time, and without hesitation pinned on the badge I brought her and said "let's take a photo".  The good news is that the 8th Amendment was repealed in Ireland (giving women much needed abortion rights and healthcare choice) and I like to think that Judy Blume played a small part in that.


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