Saturday 27 May 2023

Shower Repair - Final update!

Last few parts of this job were done over three evenings!

Night 1 - adhesive

Afixing tiles.  NB.  Before this there was a lot of prework done - measuring and cutting etc.  I deliberately chose these mosaic tiles as it meant I could get in as close as I could to circles without having to shape tiles with a tool.  It is not as perfect as tiler would do with a shaping tool but it is as good as I, an amateur, could do.  

Night 2 - grouting in between all the lines

Sponging/cleaning of the grout

Caulking around the edge

Night 3 - added some more caulk

Finished!   This job nearly killed me.  But thanks be to the universe it is done and when we come back from our little vacation (oh, did I tell you we are on holidays!) we will be back showering in the outdoor shower.


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