Tuesday 16 May 2023

"Everything Breaks" Part ??? - Outdoor Shower

I posted yesterday how our outdoor shower had stopped working (insides just totally seized up). That's Key West for you!  It is the salt in the air, everything breaks much faster than you would expect.

I ordered a fancy new one on Amazon but during installation realised that the problem was much bigger than I thought.  The connection to the waterline seems to have become disconnected/broken.  At this point I came to the conclusion that it was time to call the plumber.

Okay so he had to tear through some of the wall - which I was prepared for.  But didn't he do as neat a job as possible?

I could never have managed to work out how to fix and then buy all the parts and put it together - correctly with a PROPER seal so as they don't leak!!  Not only does the plumber have the knowledge, he also has all the equipment; there was a strong smell of the glue/sealant he used.

So happy with this new and improved shower!  I need to patch up the hole left behind - am figuring out how best to manage, maybe some tiles would work??

Ps. Side note: Have I ever mentioned that having a shower outdoors is definitely one of my joys of life?

For Part 2 (the patching) please click HERE

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