Monday 10 July 2023

Key West weekend fun

 A brief summary of the weekend since we got back from Canada.  

Friday evening: An early start of a 3am wake up call on Friday morning for a 6.15am flight - which by the way, was the right decision to get up so early, the airport was extremely busy even at that time in the morning.  Also, I had issues checking in online so we needed to go to a physical desk.  Plus, add into the mix that we were flying international after all and needed to go through US immigration prior to getting to our gate. 

As you can imagine we were quite tired that evening (also factor in that Patrick was working in the afternoon once we arrived back to Key West), so we decided to take it easy and pop around to Shanna Key for dinner.  Shanna Key is nothing fancy as you know but it is reliable as a local (Irish) bar/restaurant for a bite to eat and a drink.

After a great night's sleep for both of us we were up and out on Saturday morning, headed out to 400 feet trolling. Success! After about two hours of some hard trolling we caught one.  And with a great story to boot! Pure chance we were both looking backwards at the two rods (normally one person is looking, the other focusing forward on the driving) and we both witnessed the mahi mahi jump twice, at great speed, BEFORE taking the hook.  It was incredible to watch.

And another story to tell! The second fellow was caught at 180 feet, 5 seconds before Patrick was about to call it and reel the rod in - like he was literally on his feet walking over to the rod and then boom, it hit!

Two nice 26 inchers (22 on the fork - they must be bigger than 20 to keep them).  We had a fabulous dinner of fresh fish on Saturday night and then again on Monday evening.

Saturday morning, another day of up and out.

One of our dockmasters gave us co-ordinates of a new spot to try out.  It is where the snapper are spawning right now so it was a popular spot with maybe 10 other boats there.  We didn't stay out too long. We hadn't brought all the accoutrements needed (chum!) and also didn't fancy anchoring today so we just floated around and enjoyed the time on the boat.  We drove home around the island the opposite way we normally go and that is always a nice trip when we change it up.

Bill texted Patrick and they came up with a plan for happy hour so I was delighted with that.  They are going to Ireland on Wednesday and kindly offered to bring anything back for me if I wanted so I quickly rushed to the store and bought a few little small things for my family.  Oh my gosh, how cute are these little shoes for my niece!!!

Always a great time with this pair.  It was lovely chatting with them before they head off on their big Irish and Scottish adventure!  Bon Voyage to them and their family!

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