Monday 10 July 2023

Toronto July 2023


Out of all American airlines, Delta is my clear favourite.  Efficient and reliable (which is important when you are flying from a little small island in the middle of nowhere) and lovely staff and customer service.

While this was a work trip for Patrick (which, lucky me, got to tag along), we did manage to squeeze in some visiting time with Patrick's parents.  This is a pic of Patrick and his Dad, in the garden of their condo building, grilling some lovely lamb.  This is his dad's specialty dish and we all joke that while Patrick follows his dad's recipe his dad's lamb always beats Patrick's.  Ok, so it is me, I may or may not have started this joke lol.

I started reading this book of theirs and his mam insisted I take it with me. I had brought her a book as it happens (Running with the Bulls by Valerie Hemingway).  This memoir by Irish woman, American citizen, and ex US Ambassador to the UN is just INCREDIBLE.  I cannot recommend it enough.

Did I mention this was a work trip for Patrick.....aka Amy Vacay :) I spent a lot of time in the hotel Health Club - in the whirlpool and reading the above book.

And of course I did a lot of pottering around the city (aka getting lost, my dreadful sense of direction struck again, a few times actually). 

By pure chance I ended up in the CBC building (via the underground "PATH" system) and again, by pure chance, found a small museum/exhibit of some old CBC equipment.

Recording machines from the 50s and 60s for the radio shows,

My interpretation is that this CBC employee informally started saving and storing stuff which eventually became this museum.  Good man Ivan Harris!

This was nicely done: a view into a storage area where there was shelves and shelves of tv cameras, vintage tvs and various tv and radio miscellaneous items.



I had a famous Toronto peameal bacon sandwich in St Laurence Market.  I loved it.

We had some great Japanese food for dinner.

Visited McVeigh's Irish bar...very interesting history!

I could have eaten a million of these but oh my gosh I don't want to think of all that sugar and calories. This is a little piece of heaven called a Canadian Butter Tart.

Toronto! Have you been? Would you go? Let me know! Comment below :)

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