Friday 21 July 2023

The Black Crows will play Key West


The Black Crows are coming to Key West.  Only one of Patrick's favourite live bands!  Quite amazing really, getting a band of this calibre down to little old Key West.  They are playing in the amphitheatre which is just super all round - water behind you, stage in front, great sound, great weather for outdoors.
Tickets went on sale today at 10am and so to save money on silly fees etc I said I would pop down to the box office which is just one block away from the hotel where I work.  Typical Key West, the person who was supposed to come in for 10 didn't arrive.... Also typical Key West, small island, I was put in touch with the box office manager on facebook who dm'd me and told me she had two tickets held for me to get in touch with her. I popped out to meet her at the store she was working in and soon I had two precious tickets in my little paws.  Talk about great customer service! Fair play to her.
So that was the excitement of today.  Now it's just roll on October!!

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