Sunday 9 December 2012

Furniture exhibition and then: FOOD!!!

Enid & I went to a very cool furniture exhibition last week.  It was held in a little tiny exhibition space on North Great Georges Street called Darc Spaces.  But I think the furniture display was arranged by the furniture shop Lost Weekend.
Two pieces stood out for me:
A seat which you can spin on it's axis and not ever fall off.  Fun :-) 
It was designed by the guy who designed the Olympic Flame for the London Games this summer - Thomas Heatherwick.

I always have loved this stool.  Great to see it in person.
We then went on to Jimmy Chungs for some quick, cheap and cheerful eats.

All these photos don't actually look that appetising but let me assure you it was actually all very nice.  In particular the prawn toast! And the sweet and sour chicken.

Enid with her coconut dessert.
It was a lovely evening and very nice to catch up with Enid.

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  1. Thanks for not putting up a photo of my piled up plate!!