Sunday 9 December 2012

Merrion Square at lunchtime

I visited Merrion Sqare during my lunch break this week.  I enjoy the signs outside the park for some reason...can't explain why but I just always find civil service "rules" amusing in a strange way.

It's an interesting park with some quirky sights.  First up is the underground air raid shelter built for the second world war - which apparently could hold up to 1100 people.  I walked around the mound which it is built under but I couldn't see any door/entryway in.  Wonder where the entrance is?
The park also contains a collection of different Dublin lamps - from a time when gas lamps used to light up Dublin streets.

This ball shaped lamp is unusual - I have never seen this kind before in Dublin.

This chair is in memory of the late great Dermot Morgan (best remembered for Scratch Saturday/Fr Trendy/Fr Ted). I am not sure if it was errected by his family or by Dublin City Council.
RIP Dermot Morgan - taken before your time.
Finally as a lovely finish to my lunchtime tour I found a beautiful holly tree! 
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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