Sunday 19 May 2013

Clever branding!

Coca-Cola is currently running a Share a Coke campaign in Ireland.
What they have done is very clever.  The iconic "Coca-Cola" is replaced by names. 
For example my name!

My sister's name!
Unfortunately I am not sure if I will see my other sister's names'.
Lydia - maybe
Faith - hmm, unlikely
Enid - eh I'd say definitely not.
Sorry girls :-(
You will have to have

I believe that this campaign originally ran in England before coming to Ireland. 
I must say it is very funny when I see very typical "Irish" names on a very typical "American" product. e.g. Aine (pronounced Aw-nya) and Siobhan (Shiv-On)  and Sinead (Shin-ade)

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