Saturday 13 September 2014

Jennifer Rothwell flagship boutique

On Thursday Enid and I went to the launch of  Jennifer Rothwell's flagship boutique in the Powerscourt centre in Dublin.  

Jennifer is an Irish Designer who is known for her fantastic use of colour and fabulous materials in her beautiful designs.  That's Jennifer in the middle in the above picture showing off her very well known and stunning Hummingbird print.

The hummingbird print is actually how we know of Jennifer and got the invite to the launch - as Enid bought an amazing Humming bird dress a year or so ago.  Here is her blog post from then, I'd really recommend you check it out and the photos, it is a stunning dress.

The launch seemed to go very well - there was a good turnout and a nice "buzzy" atmosphere.
Here is a pic of Enid enjoying a nice glass of vino :-)

We also enjoyed trying on some of the new collection dresses.  Boy did they look and feel good on.  They are not cheap, but so worth it.  And let's not forget these are designer pieces.
If you are looking for a really striking dress for an event I think you would be well worth checking the shop out, or online.

Also, (funnily enough), while Jennifer Rothwell is very well known for her use of colour and print, she also has the most wonderful white dresses which I think would be beautiful for a wedding.

After the launch we went to eat in Bear.  Hmm, nice food, the service was a bit relaxed (aka lax) though...

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